Transmission through a cooperative

Have you ever thought about the possibility of transmission through a cooperative?

If your workers become successors of the company's ownership through a worker cooperative, the COMPANY will live with a different management model, participatory, equitable, that allows adopting consensual decisions and whose purpose is the business viability and the maintenance of jobs.

The cooperative offers a great capacity for self-regulation. The partners will decide aspects such as working conditions, organization and operation of the company.

Sharing risks, responsibilities and surpluses considers the abilities of each member, forming a complete and enriching multidisciplinary team that favors innovation.

The allocation of the results to the reserve funds will provide the necessary funds to support, if necessary, the periods of crisis. It is, in turn, a guarantee of financial soundness towards third parties.

The worker cooperative offers stable and quality jobs. The person who subscribes as a working member of a cooperative becomes co-owner of the company. He will enjoy an indefinite relationship that will provide him with a stable job.