The Saving Jobs Project

Could you be immersed in a business transfer or transformation process?

SOME of the following causes may be the origin of a transformation processes or business restructuration in a cooperative:

  • Retirement of the entrepreneur and partners without family continuity
  • Situations of severe technical, organizational and / or financial crisis

The processes of transformation or conversion for the employees have a series of advantages, including:

  • For the owner, the transfer of the company to the workers is a guarantee for the viability of the economic activity and employment, more so if the owner was the founder of the activity, which adds a considerable emotional element.
  • The transition may be gradual and gentle, with less negative consequences. In this regard, the company may preserve its history and identity.
  • The employees are familiar with the company. They know it better than any external investor, and they also have the motivation of preserving their jobs.
  • Communication with the banks, suppliers and clients is not interrupted.
  • Development and growth are not relocated; they remain in the area, and contribute to its economic and industrial stability. It is beneficial for all the public powers.